Therapy with magic mushrooms

Mushroom therapy usually means a psilocybin session. In the Netherlands you can only do this mushroom therapy legally if you use the psilocybin magic truffles that would otherwise grow into magic mushrooms. The effect of magic mushrooms, truffles and psilocybin is the same for 99% as long as the content of active substances is the same. The dosage plays a very important role when it comes to the effects.

What happens during mushroom therapy?

After ingesting especially psilocin and psilocybin from magic truffles or magic mushrooms, almost all of these substances are converted to psilocin and psilocin-like substances (analogues). Psilocin is very similar to serotonin and psilocin will therefore also connect to receptors in the brain that act on serotonin. By changing the stimulation of these receptors, perception changes, the functioning of the brain changes and a lot of people are better at making changes that are called therapeutic.

Triple sheets indicate the strength

There are 5 triplevels that indicate how intense a psychedelic trip is. Below is a brief description of each level:

  1. Level 1 (Low dose): During this level, the negative feelings of a serotonin depression disappear. Music sounds deeper, colors become brighter and the environment becomes more tangible. People are more open and socially involved and start to become open and honest with others and themselves1.
  2. Level 2 (Low dose): Brighter perception of colors, visual effects such as moving and “breathing” of objects, walls, etc. With closed eyes, 2-dimensional patterns can be observed1.
  3. Level 3: This is the middle triplevel of the 5 triplevels2. Very noticeable visual effects, everything seems bent or distorted. Patterns can be seen on walls, objects, faces, etc. Mild hallucinations, such as the effect of flowing rivers in wood grains or other structures. Some confusion of the senses, for example seeing sound as color etc. Time distorts so that everything seems to take place in the "now". From this level it is already possible to connect to the subconscious brain, while this is still very easy to control. There may be fears in the subconscious that cause stress without being consciously aware of it. This level is useful to fight those fears from the subconscious. Fears often come from the past and/or the future. These fears are not real for now and acceptance is possible during this triplevel
  4. Level 4: Strong hallucinations, such as objects morphing into other objects. Perception of the ego fades, for example objects can start talking to you or you feel contradictory things at the same time. Some loss of reality, time becomes an incomprehensible concept. Possible experience of out-of-body experience. Mixing stimuli from different senses. Because of the loss of ego and thereby the loss of self-protection, people are hard but honest about themselves during this phase. Problems can be addressed and given a place. The connection with the subconscious is very high at this triplevel, so that a lot can be learned about who someone is, while it seems that it concerns someone else because of the ego loss.
  5. Level 5: This is the highest triple level there is. Trippers often call the trip experiences mystical, the most beautiful experience of their lives or frightening. It is not wise to immediately start triplevel 5 without experience with psychedelics1.

It is important to know that the intensity of a trip depends on personal sensitivity, character, mood, the drug and the dose.

How do you qualify for mushroom therapy?

You can go to Trip therapy for individual or group sessions. To make use of their services, you can take the first step by completing the intake on their website without obligation. After assessing the intake for safety, you will receive advice for a psychedelic and dosage. The initial advice email explains how to book a session through their booking system.

They offer their services at the client's location as well as their own locations. With the on-site services, their supervisors come to a residential address, holiday home, hotel or private Airbnb in their own working area. More information about the possibilities can be found here:

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