Psilocybin therapy via Trip therapy

One of the first providers of Psilocybin therapy in the Netherlands is Trip therapy. Trip therapy was founded in the summer of 2018 with the aim of combining physical health with mental health where psychedelics can accelerate results. Already 2000 people have opted for a psilocybin session with this market leader for individual psychedelic sessions.

More information about the services via Trip Therapy can be found in the table below.

MDMAMDMA ceremonyMDMA therapyMDMA session
LSDLSD therapyLSD session
PsilofloraPsiloflora ceremony
PsilocybinPsilocybin ceremonyPsilocybin therapyPsilocybin session
TruffleTruffle ceremonyTruffle therapyTruffle session

Psilocybin therapy Netherlands

Psilocybin therapy Netherlands is a website affiliated with Psychedelic therapy in the Netherlands. Most topics are about the following psychedelics and therapies.

Which psychedelic session suits you?

The many choices between psychedelic sessions and providers don't make it any easier! Regarding the providers, we recommend that you choose one that is found on the first page of Google (not the advertisers at the top). The companies you find on the first page have usually been in business for longer and have more experience. However, would you like advice on which drug is suitable for you and a health check? Then complete the intake at Triptherapie.

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Collaborative domains

Because we do not want to use intrusive advertisements such as Google Ads, we make additional use of network effects of domain names. We work together with these providers of psychedelic sessions:

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LSD Therapy
Mushroom therapy
Truffle therapy
Truffle session
Truffle ceremony
Trip sitter
Psychedelic therapy
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