Trip therapy: Psychedelic state of consciousness and flow without psychedelics

Default Mode Network

We've talked a lot about the Default Mode Network (DMN) and how psychedelics make this network of brain regions less active. The reduced activity of the DMN is associated with a different state of consciousness, flow, ego loss, enlightenment, healing, spirituality and connection with the divine. Although psychedelics such as LSD (or chemically related), psilocybin (mushrooms), Peyote (cactus) and DMT (ayahuasca) probably played a very large role in the creative processes of all faiths, the greatest inventors and scientists, it is not necessary to use psychedelics to get into the "flow" state.

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Everyone has their own 'tricks' to get into the 'flow' state. You can think of dancing, music, skydiving, racing, puzzles or whatever gets the full attention. Watch the following video for more information:

Psychedelics as a tool

Psychedelics such as psilocybin, LSD and DMT are the strongest means to put the DMN on the back burner and we use this as a 'reset'. We see psychedelics as a tool and not the solution. The solution lies in the changes you can make after such a reset. We therefore encourage you to take different routes when it comes to changes in consciousness. The more we do right, the stronger the effect of the psychedelic session. The goal of trip therapy is to bring about so many changes with a single or sometimes a second psychedelic session that the use of psychedelics is no longer necessary.

Alternative psychedelic sessions

Although psychedelics have the strongest impact, there are other treatment methods that use the same mechanism as psychedelics. Actually, all these methods correspond to the dream state and therefore it often resembles dreaming/sleeping, just like with psychedelics.

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Combining healthy things

Whether you do a psychedelic session or follow another type of therapy to think less negatively, always combine it with healthy choices in the field of body and mind. Get a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep. Supplement these basic elements of health with activities that require your full attention. Choose those activities that are most healthy.

Still want to give psychedelics a chance?

Are you willing to give psychedelics a chance? Good preparation is essential for the result. We are ready to make a great journey to the subconscious with you. A tailor-made preparation to improve neurochemistry, share knowledge and thus optimize the mindset is part of our service.

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Trip therapy against depression, anxiety, stress, burnout and PTSD: Psychedelic state of consciousness and flow without psychedelics

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Other names for psychedelic therapy: Ayahuasca, MDMA therapy, Truffle ceremony, mushroom ceremony, psilocybin ceremony.