Trip Therapy: RE: Great insights into a wonderful experience

Hi Mathijs,

Thanks for the review and for the compliments. We've done some sessions together and I must say you're a great guy. I wish you the best and if you continue to give yourself the same, everything you want will come to you. But don't forget that the occasional setback is also something you want. We learn and grow from setbacks.

Embrace all aspects of life and enjoy.

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Trip therapy against depression, anxiety, stress, burnout and PTSD: RE: Great insights into a wonderful experience

Read more about our here psychedelic therapy in combination with treatment against depression, burnout, stress, fear, low self esteem, social anxiety, PTSD, insecurity and chronic inflammatory diseases.


Other names for psychedelic therapy: Ayahuasca, MDMA therapy, Truffle ceremony, mushroom ceremony, psilocybin ceremony.