Trip therapy: RE: Review truffle session in Alkmaar


You're absolutely right about recommending it when people are ready. The focus on positivity and gratitude is often a start for an (even) better life.

It was indeed a long session, partly due to the somewhat higher dose. And that you don't have to go that deep anymore might be a good thing too.

Thank you for the trust and the word of mouth you have already done :). 



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Trip therapy against depression, anxiety, stress, burnout and PTSD: RE: Review truffle session in Alkmaar

Read more about our here psychedelic therapy in combination with treatment against depression, burnout, stress, fear, low self esteem, social anxiety, PTSD, insecurity and chronic inflammatory diseases.


Other names for psychedelic therapy: Ayahuasca, MDMA therapy, Truffle ceremony, mushroom ceremony, psilocybin ceremony.