Triptherapie: RE: Healing and renewing experience


Wow! Thanks for your beautiful review. It’s nice to see that you feel like you’re can handle problems much better. Maybe handling the problems better is already some kind of a solution?

Less anxiety means better lifestyle decisions and can trigger even more healing on the long term. Always be kind to yourself and give your body what it needs.

Thanks again for everything 

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Triptherapie tegen depressie, angst, stress, burn-out en PTSS: RE: Healing and renewing experience

Lees hier meer over onze psychedelische therapie in combinatie met een behandeling tegen depressie, burn-out, stress, angst, laag zelfbeeld, sociale angst, PTSS, onzekerheid en chronische ontstekingsziekten.


Andere namen voor psychedelische therapie: Ayahuasca, MDMA therapie, Truffel ceremonie, paddo ceremonie, psilocybine ceremonie.