Triptherapie: Went to the other side!

Wow. What can I say? I’d been wanting to do this for sometime since listening to all the amazing research being done by modern intellectuals and institutions. Sam Harris, Tim Ferris, Jason Silva, Roland Griffiths, Michael Pollan and tons more. When I heard that it was ranked by most people as the one of the five most meaningful experiences of their lives… I knew I had to try it. Thank goodness I found Marcel! I told him I wanted the total experience. I wanted the full entheogenic, obliteration of ego, meeting god kind of experience. He created a concoction that sent me into another dimension. 70 mg of psilocybin — and boy did it work. It’s hard to describe even now what happened in that hotel room, but I’m glad Marcel was there because when I came to he was there to make sure I found my grounding and didn’t start wandering the streets of Amsterdam on my own (Which I almost did). I’m an atheist, but grew up very religious, this was the experience I’d been craving for a while since leaving my faith. It was the transcendence without the dogma. It was the numinous without the pulpit. In fact it was even beyond that… at one point I felt that I hadn’t just met god (I’m still an atheist but it’s the best word to describe what it felt like) but I became god. I was the universe, I became Vishnu the Hindu god of creation and Brahma at the same time. It was me who would open my eyes and a thousand years would pass and a Universe would be created and I’d close my eyes and it would all disappear. (And I know very little about the Hindu religion… but that is where my brain went). Needless to say it was certainly one of the 5 most meaningful experiences of my life… perhaps even the 1st (we’ll see how I feel when I have kids or get married). In short, it was incredible. It’s now been a good 3 weeks since my session and even now I listen to the classical music that started my journey and the music is more rich somehow, more full, more heavenly. In fact I’ve fallen asleep more than once to the same classical music at the early hours of the night sending me into a renewed sense of transcendence although not as powerful. I can’t wait to do it again — I can’t wait to introduce it to my girlfriend and many other of my friends. Marcel will certainly be seeing me again next time I’m in Amsterdam. Thanks for guiding me brotha and not letting me get into too much trouble.    

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Triptherapie tegen depressie, angst, stress, burn-out en PTSS: Went to the other side!

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