Frequently asked questions about Ayahausca

On this page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about ayahuasca. We understand that there is a lot of interest and curiosity surrounding this powerful herbal medicine. In addition, we would also like to offer safer alternatives for those seeking a less intense experience. So, if you're wondering what ayahuasca is, how it works and what effects it can have, you've come to the right place. We will also explore other options that may provide similar benefits but with fewer risks and potential side effects.

FAQ Ayahuasca

When was ayahuasca first used?

Ayahuasca was first used by indigenous peoples in the Amazon region thousands of years ago.

How was ayahuasca discovered?

It is said that the discovery of ayahuasca came from the knowledge and wisdom acquired by these peoples through contact with nature and the forest.

Why did only the shamans use ayahuasca and not the participants?

Traditionally, ayahuasca was used primarily by shamans for their role as spiritual leaders and healers in the community. The shamans had specific knowledge and experience with the use and effects of ayahuasca, and they acted as guides during the ceremony. The participants in a ceremony were mainly sung to Icaros in a sober state to heal them.

What are Icaros?

Icaros are traditional healing songs sung during ceremonies with ayahuasca. These songs are used to convey spiritual and healing energy and guide participants on their inner journey. The idea behind the healing effect of these ayahuasca songs is that they have a powerful vibration and intention that can stimulate healing energies and remove blockages.

Why did participants of ayahuasca ceremonies also start drinking ayahuasca?

Due to Western people's growing popularity and interest in ayahuasca, participants in ceremonies have had the old traditions changed through the influence of money and a strong interest in getting the same effects as the shaman.

What is the composition of ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a traditional South American entheogenic brew usually made with the Banisteriopsis caapilian and the Psychotria viridis plant.

Why do people choose an ayahuasca ceremony?

People choose one ayahuasca ceremony because of the potential therapeutic and spiritual benefits associated with it.

What does ayahuasca do in your body?

Ayahuasca has several effects on the body, including increased heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. It can also cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Ayahuasca affects serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which can lead to altered perception, hallucinations and emotional experiences.

What are the risks of ayahuasca?

Possible risks of ayahuasca include physical discomfort, psychological stress reactions and drug interactions. If you do not follow a tyramine-restricted diet or in combination with medication, serious complaints or even death can occur.

Is ayahuasca legal in the Netherlands?

No, ayahuasca is illegal in the Netherlands. The Supreme Court in the Netherlands has even banned ayahausca for religious reasons.

Does ayahuasca also exist as a therapy?

Yes, ayahuasca is used in some therapeutic settings. Given the illegal state in the Netherlands, you will have to travel to South America for this.

Where is ayahuasca legal?

Ayahuasca is legal in Peru and some South American countries.

What are the effects of ayahuasca on the experience?

Ayahuasca can have various effects on the experience, such as heightened perceptions, intense visual experiences and spiritual insights. It can also lead to emotional breakthroughs and profound personal transformations.

What visual effects does ayahuasca have?

Ayahuasca can produce various visual effects, including seeing intense colors, patterns, geometric shapes, and dream-like states. It can also allow for seeing entities.

What are the ayahuasca entities?

Ayahuasca entities are entities or spiritual beings that some people believe can be perceived during an ayahuasca experience. They are considered external entities that connect with the participants and guide them on their inner journey. Interpreting ayahuasca entities can vary depending on individual beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

Can you secretly do an ayahuasca ceremony?

It is not advisable to participate in illegal activities, including the underground ayahuasca scene. It can be dangerous and have serious consequences for your health and safety. It is always better to avoid such activities and look for legal and safe alternatives.

What are good alternatives to ayahuasca?

Some good and legal alternatives to ayahuasca are truffle ceremonies and psiloflora ceremonies.