Chatbot Trippy

Trippy is a chatbot created by Triptherapie and was initially intended as a customer service assistant. At first Trippy could not respond well to all questions, but as Trippy continues to train, the answers become more and more accurate. The basis of Trippy lies in the ChatGPT system, supplemented with training from the Triptherapie team. Also see:

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Although Trippy does not provide medical advice, Trippy can answer most questions correctly. We first give some examples by asking the questions and giving the answer.

Can you give medical advice?

No, I cannot give medical advice. As an AI assistant, I have no medical background and am not qualified to provide medical advice. It is always important to seek medical advice from a qualified professional, such as a physician or specialist, for specific medical questions or concerns.

Can citalopram be used with ayahuasca?

The use of the SSRI medication Citalopram in combination with ayahuasca is generally not recommended. SSRI in combination with ayahuasca can lead to a dangerous and potentially fatal excess of serotonin. It is important to leave enough time between using Citalopram and using ayahuasca to minimize the risks and ensure that your body has enough time to break down the medication. It is always advisable to discuss this with an experienced professional before deciding to use ayahuasca while taking Citalopram.

Is psilocybin therapy legal in the Netherlands?

Yes, psilocybin therapy is legal in the Netherlands. Psilocybin therapy is performed with magic truffles, which are legal in the Netherlands. These truffles contain the same active substances as magic mushrooms, namely psilocybin and psilocin, but are not prohibited substances. Psilocybin therapy can currently only be offered within the Dutch borders. However, it is legal for people from abroad, such as Belgium and Germany, to undergo psychedelic therapy in the Netherlands.

Try Trippy yourself!

You can try Trippy yourself via the trippy website or via Telegram. More options will follow, such as an Android app and an application via WhatsApp.