Truffle therapy most of our customers use magic truffles to get rid of a stubborn depression. But there may also be other reasons to use it truffle therapy. Consider, for example, truffle therapy to relieve fear, increase self-confidence or get rid of addictions.

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Truffle therapy

Truffle therapy The therapy with truffles is our trip therapy. We prefer truffles because they contain psilocybin, just like magic mushrooms. Unlike other psychedelics, magic truffles are legal in the Netherlands, while they are the best working psychedelics against anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. More information Do you want to know you […] By mputs, 3 weeks ago
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Truffle therapy with magic truffles

Truffle therapy Truffle therapy and mushroom therapy fall under psychedelic therapy. This is a therapeutic trip session using magic mushrooms and/or truffles. Its mind-altering effects allow the brain to act more effectively to deal with anxiety and depression. Magic mushrooms and truffles are drugs! Magic mushrooms have indeed been designated as illegal drugs. Not trough mputs, 2 months ago

Truffle Therapy

Truffle Therapy Netherlands Therapy with magic truffles in the Netherlands can be done through our site. For more information, please read the following message: Information about Truffle therapy We are part of a number of sites that fall under Psychedelic therapy. This is the ultimate form of therapy in which all facets of […] Door mputs, 1 month ago

Psychedelic Therapy Netherlands

Psychedelic Therapy The best psychedelic care provider with an eye for overall well-being! We are part of a number of sites that fall under Psychedelic therapy. This is the ultimate form of therapy in which all facets of well-being pass by. Psychedelics provide the connection with the subconscious through which […] Door mputs, 1 month ago

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Cooperation We work together with a number of other websites in order to achieve better findability and thus promote the services via other sites. Power Day Activities Everyone is welcome at Power Day Activities! They do not discriminate on the basis of limitations. The facilitators are trained for all target groups. Power […] Through No author, 1 month ago

The anti-depression diet

Anti-depression diet? Depression can have different and multiple causes. Poor nutrition in combination with psychological stress is the cause in most cases. Tackling the psychological stress with nutrition works to a certain extent, especially if the stress enters the subconscious through anxiety. To the fear in the subconscious […] By mputs, 2 months ago
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Self-healing ability of the body and Netflix movie HEAL

Pearl on Netflix On Netflix there is a movie called HEAL. This documentary talks extensively about the self-healing capacity of our body. The film describes a holistic approach to recovering from chronic illnesses. Just like our approach to trip therapy We would like to show you this film […] By mputs, 2 months ago
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Video: Interview researcher about the effect of psilocybin therapy on depression

Mushroom therapy We successfully use mushroom therapy, truffle therapy and psilocybin therapy according to our protocol in the treatment of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and addictions. The results we achieve with this are really great. The video The video below is about an interview with Dr. Rosalinda Watts, a clinical psychologist at the Psychedelic […] Door mputs, 2 months ago

Psilocybin therapy in the Netherlands

An ancient medicine reinvented Evidence has been found that Europeans used magic mushrooms for psychedelic therapy and religious rituals at least 6,000 years ago. In fact, its use was so common that even ancient Biblical images depict magic mushrooms and scriptures in the Bible dedicated […] By mputs, 2 months ago
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What exactly is mushroom therapy?

Mushroom therapy When talking about mushroom therapy, psychedelic therapy is meant with the help of magic mushrooms. The active substances psilocybin and psilocin are used to trip and during that trip you can work on problems, fears and insecurities that are hidden in the subconscious. Magic mushrooms are drugs! Mushrooms […] By mputs, 4 months ago