What is a trip sitter?

In general a trip sitter is a person who is sober, while the other person or people are under the influence of a psychedelic substance. Sometimes a tripsitter takes a little bit of psychedelic drugs to enhance the feeling of being connected, but the trip sitter is still able to guide the trip. Preferably it is someone with a lot of experience with psychedelics (drugs such as magic mushrooms or LSD). His main goal is to ensure the peace and safety of the users during the trip so that they can fully surrender to the experience. The trip sitter is a supplement to the correct Set & Setting. The trip sitter can reassure the trippers during a bad trip and, for example, change the music or grab food and drink if requested. He or she is ready for the trippers if they need anything. It is important that the trip sitter is aware of which product the trippers are taking and in what dosage. More importantly, the trippers trust this person and feel comfortable in their presence. A perfect sitter is someone with a lot of experience and who you trust enough to expose your emotions without having to be polite or impress.

Why do you need a trip sitter?

Especially when taking medium to high doses of psychedelics a trip sitter can make a lot of difference. The sitter is there to give you a reassured feeling and to answer any questions that may arise during your experience. Now you don’t have to worry about losing control or not knowing what you are doing, because the trip sitter is there to make sure you don’t do weird things and eventually come back safely from the experience.

We do more than just trip sitting

We always try to do more than just trip sitting. If you need to work on a specific goal such as depression, anxiety or other complaints, we can also make a personal plan with support before, during and after the trip.

Psychedelics included

We will always aim for a super relaxed experience. You don’t have to worry about the psychedelics as we arrange them. The legal psychedelics we can offer are psilocybin and 1P-LSD. You can read here more about the psychedelic substances and their usages.

Psilocybin trip

1P-LSD trip

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