Truffle ceremony to find the truth within
A deeper contact with yourself by connecting to the subconscious? Do you want to be able to honestly express feelings, thoughts and desires to others and at the same time be honest with yourself? Do you want to develop yourself in any way? Do you want to act on intuition and our animal instinct? Are you looking for the meaning of life? Do you want more self love and confidence?

Personal development
The above matters are all questions that we can work on with a well-thought-out truffle ceremony. Finding your truth is what you can find in a safe setting. All this from your desire for personal development in which you take responsibility for your unconscious and limiting patterns. Not out of shame or guilt. But out of love for the truth. Love for yourself and life!

The duration of a truffle ceremony
The time taken in an average trip is only 4-8 hours, while the therapeutic value is often estimated at years of psychotherapy.

For whom?
A truffle ceremony is ideal for broadening and deepening personal development. A Magic Truffle Ceremony Love for Truth can mean a lot to people who are struggling with: stress, grief, burnout, fears, loneliness, (love) sadness, depression, addictions, negative self-image, end of life anxiety, sexuality and intimacy and health problems.

Not for everyone
Psychedelics such as magic truffles are not suitable for everyone. There are contraindications such as psychosis susceptibility and the use of lithium, sleeping pills. antidepressants and antipsychotics. The use of these medicines should first be reduced in consultation with the person who prescribes the medication.

More information
You can learn more about the truffle ceremony find here:

Truffle ceremony

A truffle ceremony via contains more good than just a psychedelic trip.