Psychedelics help during therapy

Psychedelics can help during therapy due to their ability to induce changes in consciousness and perception. These changes allow people to interpret their problems in a new way, which also creates a different feeling about the issue. Processing grief and trauma can also be easier under the influence of various substances.

Psychedelics can also help restore connections between different parts of the brain and reset the brain. Psychedelics can help reduce anxiety, depression, and other symptoms associated with mental illness. This often has to do with increased plasticity of the brain.

Psychedelic sessions in North Holland

Trip therapy has been offering for six years psychedelic therapy On. This therapy can be followed in various cities in North Holland. As a client you have the opportunity to do a home visit session in cities such as Amsterdam, Haarlem, Alkmaar, Hoorn, Den Helder, Zaanstad and Purmerend. This means that you can stay in your own familiar place while still enjoying the benefits of psychedelic therapy. At Trip Therapy you can choose who you want as your supervisor. At the moment you can choose between Marcel or Janneke and more supervisors will be added in 2024!