Truffle ceremony becoming more and more famous

Since the end of 2021, there has been increasing interest in psychedelics such as magic truffles, thanks to the media and scientific research. Since then, there have been more and more providers of the truffle ceremony. During a truffle ceremony, psychedelic truffles are ingested together with other participants. This unique experience can bring about positive changes. In this article we explain what a truffle ceremony is and what is important to know about this psychedelic experience.

What are psilocybin truffles?

Psilocybin truffles are psychoactive and hallucinogenic because they contain psilocybin and psilocin. These magical truffles are sclerotia (tubers) that are formed from mycelium (fungal threads). This mycelium connects different plants and trees in a complex and interactive network where information and nutrients are exchanged. The functioning of this network has led some people to consider that the mycelial society is akin to a formidable, invisible underground force, transporting the nutrients in the soil to the plants and trees, and it could be these 'intelligent' mycelial networks that can help us grow and strengthen our immune system. This deeper understanding of life and connectivity in nature symbolizes the unique psychological experience of using the magic truffle, which is intimately linked to a deeper appreciation and respect for the nature of life on earth.

Psilocybin truffle ceremony

Although the well-known magic mushroom contains the same psychoactive substances as the magic truffles, the mushroom is illegal in the Netherlands and the magic truffles are legal. For this reason we work with truffles. The effects of the truffles mainly come from psilocybin which has been converted into psilocin. Would you like to know more about the technical side? Then use the button for more information.

The structure of the ceremony

On the day of the truffle ceremony we use a certain structure that creates clarity and also works well for the participants. The structure of the ceremony is as follows.


We have a walk-in time of approximately 30 minutes for the ceremonies. As soon as every participant is present, we close the doors and everyone has now been able to get acquainted with the space.


Before we actually start the actual truffle ceremony, we will do an introductory round and explain how the ceremony works. We discuss personal goals, give tips and we can do a meditation exercise if necessary.

Ingestion of truffles

We give the first dose of truffles as soon as everyone is ready. The dosage is tailored to personal preference and safety. We will also make special music for psychedelic ceremonies start. There is room for those who still want to share things after taking it. For those who are more private, they can choose a spot somewhere.

Second intake

While the truffles are at their strongest, we encourage everyone to turn inward. This important phase of introspection lasts between 2 and 4 hours and depends on the dosage and personal sensitivity. During this introspection we will leave everyone alone as much as possible to make the trip go deeper.

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Coming down

After the strongest effects of the truffles have worn off, the need for food, drink and contact gradually increases. We will provide for those who have a greater need for these 'earthly' things. We give other participants some time to find their feet.

Food & integration

As soon as everyone is as good as sober again, we will provide everyone with enough healthy and tasty food. We can organize a sharing circle for people who would like to share their experience. After participating without obligation, we will prepare for the night, sleep, breakfast, discussion and departure. For those who have been picked up, there is an opportunity to discuss further by telephone.

Magic truffles and safety

The psychoactive substances in truffles, psilocybin and psilocin, are one of the safest substances that influence consciousness. However, truffles may be unsafe in combination with certain medications or conditions. The use of psychedelics is in any case not recommended during pregnancy. It is therefore important that you are helped to assess whether you can safely participate in one truffle ceremony.

Security check truffle ceremony

Be screened now for contraindications so that unsafe combinations with medication or conditions can be prevented. The screening also serves as a basis for personal advice in preparation for your truffle ceremony.

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Preparing for a truffle ceremony

In addition to the screening, preparation for a truffle ceremony is one of the most important factors for a good truffle trip and increases the chance of good progress. Careful preparation also ensures that you can achieve some goals before the truffle trip has even started.

Based on the intake/screening, we provide our clients with personal advice to improve neurochemistry. The reason why this is done is because an imbalance in neurotransmitters can cause adverse effects during the truffle ceremony. For example, a lack of GABA and an excess of glutamine can cause an anxious experience, while a lack of acetylcholine can cause forgetting about the truffle ceremony. It is also true that with the right balance, the state of mind is better for the truffle ceremony and that also makes the ceremony more effective.

Other important preparations for truffle ceremonies are the informative preparations. Knowing what the ceremony entails is part of that. Other information such as videos, books or assignments related to your personal goals can come to life during the psychedelic trip, just as dreams are often based on things that happened during the days before. We ensure that you are well prepared to use the truffles.

Would you like to attend a truffle ceremony?

Complete care, good food afterwards, an overnight stay, a highly dosed truffle ceremony and very experienced guidance. We offer an all-in experience where we do not overcrowd the space with participants and we have cabins for you to retreat to. We always have one supervisor for every three people and the maximum number of participants is six people. This structure is perfect for a feeling of connection, attention and privacy when needed.

The space we use is on the ground floor, two toilets, a shower, sleeping cabins and is also specially decorated for psychedelic sessions and ceremonies. Use the button to view the space and availability of the truffle ceremonies at this location.

Learn more about truffle ceremonies

It is important that you support your own choice to attend a truffle ceremony. Guidance also plays an important role, especially if you want to do it for therapeutic reasons. Read more about the truffle ceremony and our supervisors to see if we are a match. Do you think that an individual truffle session will suit you better? You can also contact us!