Purposes of a truffle ceremony

Participants in a truffle ceremony can work towards different goals, depending on their personal needs and intentions. Here are some common goals people work on during a truffle ceremony:

1. Personal growth and self-development: Many people use truffle ceremonies as a means to gain deeper insight into themselves and grow on a personal level. They want to break through their limiting beliefs and patterns and discover new perspectives.

2. Emotional healing and trauma processing: Truffle ceremonies can help process emotional pain and trauma from the past. The deep state of consciousness achieved during the ceremony allows suppressed emotions to surface and be released.

3. Spiritual development: For some people, a truffle ceremony is a way to explore their spiritual path and experience deeper connections with the universe, nature or the higher self. It can help explore existential questions and find meaning and purpose in life.

4. Creativity and inspiration: Truffle ceremonies can increase creativity and inspiration. Many artists and creative people use psychedelics as a way to explore new ideas and perspectives and to stimulate their creative process.

5. Stress Reduction and Relaxation: Truffle ceremonies can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. The deep relaxation and release of tension in the body can create a feeling of inner peace and tranquility.

How do you set your own goals for a truffle ceremony?

When setting goals for yourself, it is important to make sure they are achievable. Whether she proposes for the short term or long term, they are important for your development. Investing in personal and spiritual growth, exploring your inner self, fostering meaningful and loving relationships, or simply feeling comfortable in your own skin are all achievable goals.

The list below indicates what other types of goals you can choose from.

    • Treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Tackling addiction problems
    • Bereavement processing
    • Overcoming trauma, depression and anxiety
    • Resolving unprocessed emotions
    • Saying goodbye to negative beliefs
    • Dealing with eating disorders
    • insights about fear of abandonment
    • Personal growth and self-awareness
    • Exploring spirituality
    • Thinking about life issues
    • Psychosomatic complaints
    • Finding self-love and joy in life

After setting your goals, it is important to remember the days before truffle ceremony to pay attention to it. Dare to write down your goals in positive words. For example, if you want less anxiety, a positive expression is to experience more confidence and peace.

Daring to be yourself and self-love

In today's fast-paced and constantly changing society, finding time for self-reflection and self-care can be a challenge. Still, it's essential to prioritize self-love and acceptance while having the courage to stay true to yourself. Participating in a truffle ceremony offers a unique and powerful opportunity to delve deeper into these crucial themes and work on personal growth and development.

Register for a truffle ceremony

The screening for a truffle ceremony is of great importance. Completing an intake form helps us to get a better idea of your medical and psychological background, as well as any medication use. Based on this information we can assess whether the truffle ceremony is suitable for you and whether additional precautions are needed.


It is important to understand that psychedelics can be potentially dangerous for people with certain medical conditions or who are taking certain medications. The screening allows us to identify possible risks and ensure the safety of participants.


In addition, the screening also helps us to tailor the truffle ceremony to your personal needs and goals. We can provide advice on the correct dosage and type of psychedelics that suit you best.


In short, the screening is an important step to ensure that the truffle ceremony is safe, responsible and effective for you as an individual. Start the screening now by completing the intake.

Learn more about the truffle ceremonies

Via the button below you can read how Triptherapie organizes the truffle ceremonies. Some advantages of truffle ceremonies via Trip Therapy are:

  • High-dose truffle ceremonies
  • Large space (160m2)
  • Maximum 6 participants
  • Two experienced supervisors
  • Psychologists available
  • Personal preparation
  • Integration of the experience
  • 13 years of experience