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Our website is part of Triptherapie BV

Our staff

Would you like to learn more about our employees? Use the links below to read about our trip guides Marcel, Ronald or Loes.

Trip guides:

Marcel | Loes | Ronald

Our locations

We work at our own location in Schiedam and also at the location of our customers as long as it is on Dutch territory. More information about our on-site and on-site service can be found here.

Read more about the here Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam

Read more here our services at your location

Our other domains

Because we do not want to use intrusive advertisements, we make extra use of domain name network effects. We work with this network on domains:

Trip therapy
Psychedelic Therapy Netherlands
MDMA therapy
LSD Therapy
Mushroom therapy
Truffle therapy
Truffle session
Truffle ceremony
Trip sitter
Psychedelic therapy
Psilohuasca Amsterdam
Buy psilocybin
Neurotransmitter test
magic dancing
Ayahuasca DMT