Therapy with psychedelics

Therapy with psychedelics is not yet recognized as a medical treatment. However, in the Netherlands it is possible to do psychedelic sessions with legal psychedelics. Although these therapies are promising, more scientific studies need to be completed before we can truly call them a medical treatment. The psychedelic sessions that are now being done are not medical in nature. Read more about the different psychedelics and possibilities via the button.

Truffle sessions are popular

The truffle session is one of the most popular forms of psychedelic therapy due to the unique properties of magic truffles. Magic truffles contain the psychoactive substance psilocybin, which has a powerful influence on consciousness and perception. Here are some reasons why the truffle session is so popular:

1. In-depth insight: During a truffle session, people can gain deeper insight into themselves, their thoughts and emotions. The psychoactive substances in the truffles ensure that you enter a different state of consciousness, allowing you to break through blockages and patterns in your brain.

2. Spiritual connection: Many people experience a deeper connection with their spiritual side during a truffle session. They may experience a sense of unity and connection with the universe or a higher power.

3. Visual observations: Truffles can also cause visual hallucinations, where people see colorful patterns, shapes and images. These visual observations can have a deeper meaning and can help explore the subconscious.

4. Ego Loss: During a truffle session the ego can be temporarily dissolved, allowing people to break away from their usual identity and self-image. This can lead to a feeling of liberation and a new outlook on life.

5. Personal growth and development: Truffle sessions are often used in psychedelic coaching to stimulate personal growth and development.

Beyond thinking

Mart Meijer did the truffle session to see if he could get out of his head with the help of magic truffles. He was looking for a way to let go of his thoughts and be more in the moment. He chose a truffle session with Marcel to find out for his Podcast Stil in me whether a psychedelic session with truffles could make the thoughts go away. He was also curious about the effects of the truffles and wanted to experience how it would change his consciousness.