Psychedelics as exogenously administered meditation

What the body itself accomplishes through meditation or during the dream state can be mimicked through the use of psychedelics. The hypothesis is that approximately the same substances are responsible for this dream state and that similarities arise. People who use meditation during a psychedelic session can often go a step deeper and that can indicate an accumulation of neurotransmitters and psychedelics that both fit on the same receptors.

Oxygen plays a role

According to one theory, breathing can release DMT or make it less likely to oxidize. DMT is a body's own neurotransmitter that is linked to dreaming and hallucinating. DMT has the property of reacting quickly with oxygen and therefore breathing techniques that influence the oxygen supply can increase the level of active DMT.

Psychedelics make it easier

Because most psychedelics such as psilocybin (psilocin, 4HO-DMT) are very similar to DMT and target the same receptors, but are active for longer and can be administered in higher amounts, psychedelics are seen as an easier way to enter a deeply meditative state. come. All that while the psychedelics take the hard work off your hands.

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