Reasons to undergo truffle sessions

A psychedelic experience, such as the truffle sessions, can be a transformative and life-changing tool that helps individuals take the next step in their personal development journey. Its powerful effects can greatly assist in understanding and modifying negative patterns that have been persistent in one's life. In addition, this experience can help individuals strengthen their self-awareness, gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world around them, and facilitate insights into their own identity.

In addition, a psychedelic experience can be especially helpful in restoring one's connection to themselves, their physical body, and their emotions. People often feel disconnected from these aspects of themselves and the unique and profound effects of a psychedelic experience can help individuals develop a deeper connection with themselves and their environment. Overall, a psychedelic experience can be a powerful tool for personal growth and self-improvement.

Our customers give different reasons why they choose our truffle sessions. We have made a list of 10 reasons to choose one truffle session:

  1. Personal growth and self-discovery: Truffle sessions can provide profound insights and awareness, giving people a deeper understanding of themselves and their lives.
  2. Spiritual Experiences: Truffles are often used in spiritual and shamanic practices for their ability to promote spiritual insights, connection and transcendence.
  3. Creativity and inspiration: Truffles can induce a creative and inspiring state of consciousness, allowing people to explore new ideas and perspectives.
  4. Anxiety reduction and stress relief: Truffles can help reduce anxiety and relieve stress. They can help people who suffer from anxiety disorders, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  5. Therapeutic Potential: Truffle therapy may provide therapeutic benefits. It can be used to process trauma, release emotional blocks and promote psychological growth.
  6. Increased well-being and quality of life: People often report an overall feeling of well-being after a truffle session. It can promote a sense of belonging, joy, gratitude and zest for life.
  7. Improved self-understanding and introspection: Truffles can help people dig deeper into themselves and gain a better understanding of their thoughts, emotions and behavior patterns.
  8. Change of perspective and paradigm: Truffle sessions can challenge existing beliefs and help people gain new perspectives and insights, which can lead to positive changes in attitudes and behaviors.
  9. Connection with nature: Truffle sessions can promote a deeper sense of connection and harmony with nature, which can lead to a greater care and respect for the environment.
  10. Adventure and Curiosity: For some people, experiencing a truffle session is an adventurous and curious step to explore their consciousness and human experience.
Therapy with truffle session
Truffle sessions

Course of the truffle sessions

After you have been registered and you have received the preparatory advice based on the intake, the truffle session will take place on the day of the appointment. Whether we come to you or if you use our own spaces depends on personal preference.

During the psychedelic truffle session you will get enough time to get used to and feel comfortable. For some, it's important to have personal items with you for a sense of familiarity, such as a blanket, pillow, rock, or an object that belongs to a loved one. It is also recommended to bring a notebook and pen to take notes after truffle session of the things you don't want to forget.

Once you're ready, the therapy session begins and you take the psychedelic. It can take up to 15 minutes to an hour for the effects to show up. During this time, your therapist will work with you to clarify your intentions for the session through conversations and exercises.

During the experience you can experience intense emotions and profound insights. Your therapist is there to support you and provide a safe space to explore these emotions and thoughts. You will also have the opportunity to discuss and deepen these insights with your therapist.

After the session, you will begin to return to the fasting state and your therapist will help you process your experience. You are encouraged to think about how you can apply what you have learned during the session to your daily life.

An integration interview can take place by telephone and is usually done one week after the truffle session. This gives time for certain things to sink in.

Register for a truffle session

The registrations for the truffle sessions go through the online intake. This way we can quickly see if a truffle session can take place safely and we can base the personal advice in preparation on the data entered. Use the button below to start the digital intake.