MDMA sessions are now possible in the Netherlands

From 2022, the MDMA session was already possible with some restrictions, but from 2023 Triptherapy will offer MDMA sessions with a legal MDMA variant. This MDMA sessions are mainly used for PTSD, trauma, low self-esteem and social anxiety. This MDMA alternative is seen as a replacement for psychedelic sessions where the hallucinations are not desired such as images of the traumatic experience.

During an MDMA session it is usually possible to go to the trauma without triggering a violent stress response by the amygdala and the adrenal glands. Thanks to this calmness and the positive feelings generated by the drug, the chance of processing is greater than with regular talk and exposure therapy.

In short, these are the beneficial effects:

  • Better state of mind
  • Less ego/self-awareness
  • Heightened empathy
  • New insights

MDMA session as therapy

If you want to use an MDMA session as therapy and want to use our trajectories, you can start by completing the intake via the Triptherapy website.

Intake trip therapy

After assessing the intake, we will let you know if you can safely do a session with MDMA and how you can book a session. After making a reservation, personal advice will follow based on the intake. Personal advice is given to improve neurochemistry with supplements and nutrition. We also give you some homework to make better use of the positive effects of an MDMA session. The time between registration and the session is 2-4 weeks to prepare as well as possible.