Psilocybin truffle session Zwaanshoek – North Holland

Today I am in Zwaanshoek for the second time this week. It is a small village close to Haarlem, Amsterdam, Hoofddorp and Schiphol. I know it from before as my ex-girlfriend used to live here. This is the third time I've been here in a short time and for a reason. These three different truffle sessions with three different people come from word of mouth. These people all know each other and you often see that someone goes first and the rest waits to see how such a truffle session goes.

Truffle session at home

Just like these three people, you can too individual truffle session just do it at home. We come to your home throughout the Netherlands. Persons outside the Netherlands must come to the Netherlands. We have our own space in Schiedam, but we also come to hotels, Airbnb or holiday homes.

More information about locations for truffle sessions

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Trip therapy: Psilocybin truffle session Zwaanshoek – North Holland