Loes and Ronald as tripsitters

We have two tripsitters for the Eindhoven region who work with both psilocybin and MDMA. So you can choose from a female or male tripsitter. Loes lives a few km north of Eindhoven in Son and Ronald lives in Valkenswaard. You can read more about our tripsitters on the following pages:

Loes | Ronald

Also outside Eindhoven

We occur next to Eindhoven psychedelic sessions home visits throughout the country. Our team of supervisors all have a different place of residence and work area. This way we can offer you a tripsitter almost anywhere in the Netherlands. Would you like an overview of our staff? More information via the link:

Our method?

  1. Registration and Planning: Before the trip begins, we will conduct a comprehensive consultation with you to understand your goals, expectations and any medical history. We will also create an itinerary tailored to your needs.
  2. Travel experience: During the journey one will experience tripsitter be present to guide and support you. The tripsitter will make sure you feel safe and comfortable as you explore the depths of your consciousness.
  3. Integration support: After the trip we provide integration support to help you integrate the insights and experiences into your daily life. This is an essential part of maximizing the benefits of the trip.

Ready for your psychedelic session?

If you are ready to explore the depths of your consciousness, promote personal growth and discover new perspectives, we are ready to guide you. To test whether psychedelics are safe for you to use, we ask you to complete the intake via the link below.

Intake for psychedelic trip