Trip sitter service in the Netherlands

A psychedelic tripsitter ensures a safe conclusion to your psychedelic journey. It is a person who remains sober and assists you at times when you need attention.

Professional trip sitters

A professional tripsitter does more than just keep you safe. Such as personal preparation, nutritional advice, supplement advice and lifestyle coaching ensure a better result for you truffle session. guided tripping is therefore more than just paying attention.

Where can the trip take place?

To house

For most customers who are an individual or small scale truffle ceremony this option is most often chosen with requests from acquaintances. The costs are lower because nothing needs to be rented. Other benefits that are experienced are in particular the tranquility and the convenience of not having to travel. Especially after the psychedelic ceremony, not having to travel is a plus. For many it is also pleasant to do a psychedelic ceremony in their own familiar environment. Everything that brings peace ensures a better psychedelic journey. The tripsitter can advise you on how to organize your own space for the best experience.


The popularity of Airbnb has increased considerably in recent years. Airbnb is increasingly used by our customers. Especially our customers from abroad use Airbnb and let us visit them. The advantages are that after the ceremony you can simply stay overnight and that there is always something to find, regardless of the size of a group.


Booking a hotel yourself and having the ceremony take place in the hotel room is also an option. This is done less than the previous options. Hotel rooms are usually suitable for 1 or 2 people at a time. The tripsitterlvl comes by at the agreed time and place and takes his stuff with him.

Come by yourself

You can use the Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam. This room includes the overnight stay and the psychedelic ceremony. The optimal group size for this beautiful space in Schiedam is between 3 and 6 people.

Read more about the here Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam