Truffelsessie in Nederlands Limburg

Psilocybin therapy with magic truffles in Limburg

We have experienced trip guides and therapists spread across the Netherlands, including in Limburg. Our truffle sessions are led by a team of professional counselors with extensive knowledge about psychedelic substances and therapy. With multiple trip guides at different locations, we can offer our customers the best care throughout the Netherlands.

Our team is not only trained in guiding truffle sessions, but also in working with different types of people and personalities. We have therapists who specialize in working with trauma and depression, as well as trip sitters who provide support with personal growth and spiritual development. We have two supervisors available for the province of Limburg, each with their own strengths.

Truffelsessies Met Ronald of Nathalie

Ronald works in North Brabant and the north of Limburg. Nathalie is available for truffle sessions throughout the province of Limburg. Would you rather choose a truffle session in Limburg with a male or female supervisor? Ronald is a psychosocial therapist who mainly works with the inner child and Nathalie's field is positive psychology, in which she completed her Masters. Also view the personal page to see who suits you best, because it is important to feel comfortable with who you are. truffle session concerns.

Waar in Limburg is de Truffelsessie

Our supervisors from the truffle sessions in Limburg both have a different work area in which they come on location. The truffle session can therefore take place at your home, so you can stay at home with complete ease. For example, Nathalie makes home visits in and around the following places:

Asten, Brunssum, Geleen, Heerlen, Horst, Landgraaf, Maastricht, Roermond, Sittard, Valkenburg, Venlo, Venray and Weert.

Other options include renting accommodation near your desired supervisor.

Aanmelden voor een Truffelsessie

Before you register for a truffle session, it is useful to read the information page below and complete the intake. This way we can assess whether a truffle session is possible in your case. You can also use the information we give you to see for yourself whether a truffle session suits you.