Trip Therapy: What Are Psychedelic Hallucinations?

Multiple theories

If you play a facilitator role during psychedelic therapy, tripsit assignments or spiritual psychedelic journeys you will be dealing with different people with different ideas about what hallucinations are. Each explanation given fits within the own beliefs that have come about due to the circumstances of this person. For some, the hallucinations are another dimension that relays information to us. There is a large group that thinks they can see the "energy" because everything is "energy". Connecting to the divine and sacred geometry is also often said. I myself believe more that we ourselves create the world of dreams and psychedelic hallucinations based on how our brain is programmed (DNA + circumstances). One theory is not better than the other. In this blog I try to explain how hallucinations work according to my own theory by explaining different concepts.

The world consists of geometry and fractals

All natural patterns have an underlying simple code that make apparently complex structures. Our subconscious has evolved to recognize those common natural patterns and to attach meaning to them. This way you can understand the world by recognizing geometric shapes and fractals and secure yourself if necessary. Through evolution, this trait has become a large part of us.

Subconsciousness and our visual experience

During a psychedelic state and during dreams, the brain goes into a state of hyperconnection. As a result, the subconscious processes that try to recognize shapes come into contact with the visual experience. This may explain why we can start seeing geometry at a low dose of psychedelics. The geometric shapes are, as it were, a shell that we put over the visual world and the shapes that fit is a recognition of a certain shape and therefore an object.

Hyperconnected brain under the influence of psilocybin

As we increase the dose of psychedelics even more, the processes that try to identify objects become even more connected to what we see at that moment, making the geometry and fractals more and more like real objects. To explain how fractals and geometry can come to resemble real objects, look at the game industry and computer animation movies.

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From 50:06 it is explained how fractal geometry is used to create real world objects with computers

All in all, we can say that if the fractal geometry becomes so complex that the objects in view start to look very real. The same goes for our dreams and hallucinations. Tired more psychedelics the more we see of the geometry our brain uses to recognize the world and the more we see how our brain uses ancient knowledge to recognize the world. Thus, hallucinations are images of what a certain shape could have been according to the workings of the unique conditioned brain. So dreams and hallucinations always relate to ourselves. It is a reflection of our own (subconscious) identity. The reality we experience therefore says something about the things we can recognize ourselves in the jumble of information.

Neuroimaging and MRI data

The video below contains beautiful information and images of how a neural AI tries to guess what kind of image is being looked at while it is being measured in an MRI. Doesn't that look "trippy"? Does this video say that we are indeed comparing information to what we already know through fractals and geometry?

From 12:30 is a section that gives information about how the brain interprets the world.

What can we do with this theory?

Once we realize that the reality we experience is just an interpretation of a conditioned individual, we can often see this conditioning during the psychedelic state and do something about it. It is, as it were, as if you are going to recognize and take off colored glasses. At that moment a new conditioning of the brain starts that can have positive effects for the person in question. This means you break out of old (self-destructive) patterns. All of these effects, in conjunction with other biochemical effects of psychedelics, can lead to unprecedented healing results.

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