Trip therapy: Duo truffle ceremony North Holland

Truffle ceremony for a couple

Today I am in IJmuiden to guide a couple during a psychedelic ceremony with a medium dose of truffles. 

Duo ceremonies


As always, everything has its pros and cons. A dup ceremony with a partner gives confidence and security while some partners during a trip worry too much about each other and therefore don't turn inward.

What do you think? Is it an advantage to participate in a truffle ceremony with your partner?


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Trip therapy against depression, anxiety, stress, burnout and PTSD: Duo truffle ceremony North Holland

Read more about our here psychedelic therapy in combination with treatment against depression, burnout, stress, fear, low self esteem, social anxiety, PTSD, insecurity and chronic inflammatory diseases.


Other names for psychedelic therapy: Ayahuasca, MDMA therapy, Truffle ceremony, mushroom ceremony, psilocybin ceremony.