Duitse Psychedelsiche therapie

Psychedelic therapies using psychoactive substances have become increasingly popular in recent years. These substances can help treat different types of mental health conditions and problems, from depression and anxiety disorders to PTSD and addictions. Netherlands-based Triptherapie offers psychedelic therapies that include a session with psilocybin, LSD or MDMA.

An advantage of Trip Therapy is that they employ a German-speaking psychologist, Nathalie. This is an important advantage for the many German customers that Triptherapie serves. It goes without saying that mental health problems are complex and varied and that different patients have different needs when it comes to therapy. It is therefore important that patients have access to therapists in their own language so that they can communicate more easily and feel comfortable.

Since the psilocybin therapy and MDMA therapy that Triptherapie offers use psychotropic substances and the treatments involve intense and sometimes challenging experiences, it can be even more important that patients can speak in their native language and understand what is happening during the therapy sessions. It is therefore very important that patients can communicate in a language they are comfortable with during therapy.

Nathalie Als tripsitter

Nathalie was born and raised in Germany. For her Bachelor's degree in Psychology completed and Master's degree in Positive Psychology completed moved to the Netherlands. My love for the culture, the country and the people has led Nathalie to learn Dutch and continue to live in the Netherlands. Thanks to the move and studies, psychedelic sessions with Nathalie can be done in Dutch, English and German. Would you like to know more about Nathalie and her experience with psychedelics? Then read more via the button below.

German tripsitter

Legale psychedelische sessies

In Germany, the law is very strict when it comes to the production, sale and use of drugs. Even for medicinal purposes, the use of psychedelic substances is prohibited in Germany. This means that psychiatrists and doctors are not allowed to use it in their treatments. This form of therapy is legal in the Netherlands, although it is not yet recognized as a medical treatment.

However, this does not mean that there are no German patients who are interested in this form of therapy. Although it is illegal in Germany, many German patients travel to the Netherlands and rent a hotel or Airbnb here to do the psychedelic session there.

Although traveling to the Netherlands for treatment is not ideal, for some patients it is the only option to receive this form of therapy. Some patients consider the results achieved in the Netherlands to be life-changing, which is why they are willing to make the extra effort to make the sessions take place. Fortunately, Nathalie lives close to the German border, which makes it easier for German customers. Sessions with Nathalie can take place in Dutch Limburg.

Psychedelische sessie aanvragen

There are various psychedelics, each of which has its own specific effects on the body and mind. As a result, there are also different contraindications for each psychedelic. To prevent people with certain conditions from being unintentionally exposed to possible risks, we check for contraindications when registering via an online intake form. In this way, potential participants who may not be suitable for participation can be identified.

Verschillende psychedelische sessies

Although LSD, psilocybin, and MDMA are all used in therapeutic treatments, they each have unique differences and similarities.

LSD and psilocybin are used in treatments for anxiety and depression. LSD usually uses smaller doses than psilocybin, but the effect can often last longer. Both can produce intense visual and emotional experiences.

MDMA is mainly used in therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and can help process traumatic memories. It can evoke feelings of empathy and connection with others.