Trip therapy: The return of psilocybin as medicine

Psilocybin containing magic mushrooms as medicine in the past

The use of natural products as medicine is an important part of human evolution. Even the most isolated tribes in all corners of the world use plants and mushrooms for medicinal purposes. Through archeology it is also becoming increasingly clear that almost every society also used a psychedelic / hallucinatory plant or mushroom as a medicine or as a means to get closer to faith. Due to the worldwide availability of magic mushrooms and the fact that this psychedelic is orally active, the psilocybin-containing mushroom is the most used and therefore the most tested psychedelic of antiquity.

The history and current state of the magic mushroom

The below youtube video tells the story of the history of the magic mushrooms and why psychedelics have become illegal. It also discusses the current state of research into the possible medicinal effects of psilocybin.

The future of mushrooms

Thanks to the scientific studies into the effect, which are sponsored by donations, the healing effect of this retro-medicine may be confirmed. Only after thorough scientific research can you call something medicine in the Netherlands. For now, no claim can be made that psilocybin is a drug. Given the positive results of this type of research, we expect that psilocybin will be recognized as a medicine by 2025.

Blog about prognosis for recognition of psychedelic therapy by 2025

A global movement that is a part of is the Thank You Plant Medicine Community. Through this movement we want to bring psychedelics to the attention worldwide. Thanks to anecdotal evidence and the sharing of knowledge about the healing effects of psychedelics, this movement gives an extra boost to the return of psychedelics as medicine.

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Psilocybin sessions possible in the Netherlands

In a handful of countries, including the Netherlands, it is legal to use psilocybin. Here in the Netherlands we legally use magic truffles containing psilocybin. We often combine the psychedelic session with advice for physical health. When we get both the body and the mind healthy, the two work synergistically in a virtuous circle. We work from home within the Dutch borders and we also visit holiday homes, hotels or AirBNB. You can also use our specially equipped location in Schiedam.

Service on site

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Before you sign up with us, it is best to learn as much as possible about trip therapy. Trip therapy works best when someone is ready for it. Of course we are ready for you if you are ready to make your life more pleasant and healthier through physical health and psychedelic therapy. You can expect the best personal service there is from us.

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Trip therapy against depression, anxiety, stress, burnout and PTSD: The return of psilocybin as medicine

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Other names for psychedelic therapy: Ayahuasca, MDMA therapy, Truffle ceremony, mushroom ceremony, psilocybin ceremony.