Trip Therapy: Unlock creativity with psychedelics, meditation and dreams

The dream state makes creative

The best ideas that go beyond things we already know are often created in a state of imagination or the dream state. REM sleep is also known as dream sleep: the phase of the night in which we mainly dream. During non-REM sleep, the brain mainly processes information that you have absorbed during the day. In the last phase, REM sleep, your brain gets to work with that information: it makes new connections, without any logic involved. All this happens under the influence of our body's own (psychedelic) neurotransmitters. These new connections lead to new ideas, which often express themselves through dreams. Unfortunately, we forget those dreams too often to really put them to good use.

Use techniques similar to dreams

With meditation techniques we can also enter a dream state. By pretending to sleep and dreaming, the body's own "psychedelics" are also released that ensure that you can create new connections that fuel the creative process. Thinking outside the box becomes easier.

Psychedelics are dreaming while awake

Psychedelics are a powerful tool that nature has given us. Psychedelics allow us to exogenously administer a dream state while being able to play around with the dosage. From a super low micro dose, where creativity is slightly activated while you are not hallucinating, to a dose that is higher than the body can usually produce itself. You would think that the very highest dose sparks the most creativity, but we don't know for sure yet. For now, it seems that a medium to high dose yields the most creativity as the highest dose, the heroic dose, is generally less well understood.

Creativity or therapy?

In trip therapy we mainly use psychedelics for the therapeutic effects. Stimulating creativity through meditation or psychedelics also has an indirect therapeutic value. The power lies in mimicking a good sleep (on a biochemical level). The newly created brain connections provide creativity and that makes the brain healthier through the hormone BDNF. BDNF repairs and creates new nerve/brain cells. Now, in addition to good sleep, meditation and psychedelics, you can also increase BDNF through food, but the most comprehensive approach always works best.

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Are you looking for a tripsitter or do you want psychedelic therapy?

For what reason do you want to make a guided psychedelic journey to the creative subconscious? With us you can choose from trip therapy where we look at your physical and mental health to help you as best as possible and holistically. Another option is to hire a trip sitter so that we mainly ensure that it is a safe experience.

Trip therapy information | Trip sitter information

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Other names for psychedelic therapy: Ayahuasca, MDMA therapy, Truffle ceremony, mushroom ceremony, psilocybin ceremony.