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Psychedelische therapie tegen psychische klachten

PTSD treatment with psilocybin

Psilocybin treatments? PTSD and depression can be treated with (psychedelic) therapy and lifestyle changes. Often anxiety symptoms are deeply connected to depression since stress indirectly lowers the amount of serotonin. Low serotonin is an indicator of anxiety and depression and can worsen the situation through a negative spiral. Psilocybin, which forms psilocin after conversion, is…
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Psilocybin against MS

Multiple sclerosis and Psilocybin This article first appeared on the website after a guided trip of a person with MS. In order to spread the knowledge how MS might can be treated with magic mushrooms and other healthy lifestyle decisions, we’re now sharing this blog: Can magic mushrooms cure Multiple sclerosis? What is MS…
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How much psilocybin do we give during a psilocybin ceremony?

Psiloflora: How much psilocybin do we give during a psilocybin ceremony? A high or low dose? Everybody is different and you might need a different dose than someone else. In order to achieve the right trip level and effect, we’ll calculate how much psilocybin you need. Tripping and trip levels Tripping means traveling as a…
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