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Psychedelische therapie tegen psychische klachten

Open psychedelic ceremonies

Psiloflora: Open psychedelic ceremonies The locations and ceremonies The open psychedelic ceremonies are open for everybody to join. We offer different ceremonies at different locations. Do you need more information about our locations or ceremonies? Ceremonies:Psilocybin | Psiloflora | Extended Psiloflora Locations:Circle of Power | Psychedelic Loft Private psychedelic ceremonies In case you don’t want…
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Extended psiloflora ceremony

Psiloflora: Extended psiloflora ceremony The Extended psiloflora ceremony The king of all psilocybin ceremonies! The extended psiloflora ceremony is more than just a psychedelic ceremony. It offers multiple healing flowers and plants that works well together with psilocybin mushrooms or magic truffles. What’s psiloflora? Psiloflora is a combination of the words psilocybin or psilocin with…
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