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Psychedelische therapie tegen psychische klachten

Tripsitter Netherlands

Tripsitter in the Netherlands In the Netherlands you can use our tripsitter service that we offer at our location and your location. If you’re staying in a city like Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht or Rotterdam we can also do the sessions in your hotelroom, AirBNB or someplace else with a private room. If you want to…
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Truffle ceremony the Netherlands

Psilocybin ceremony of mushroom session? Do you want to attend a psilocybin, mushroom or magic truffle ceremony and you don’t know what to choose? Don’t worry! Magic truffles containing psilocybin meaning it’s all basically the same. The difference is that magic truffle are legal and psilocybin and magic mushrooms (shrooms) are illegal. As silly as…
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