Psilohuasca or psilocybin ceremony?

DMT, psilocybin and MAO inhibitors What is the best psychedelic ceremony for depression, addictions, anxiety or for a spiritual journey. Is ayahuasca better suited than a truffle ceremony and what is psilohuasca or psiloflora? We […]

Triptherapy is a company in the Netherlands nearby Amsterdam, Haarlem and Alkmaar. The sessions you can book there are psychedelic assisted therapy in combination with healthy lifestyle coaching. Shortlinks to all services offered by triptherapie: […]


  Triptherapie: Psiloflora   Psiloflora Psiloflora is nu nog redelijk onbekend maar daar zal in 2020 naar verwachting verandering in komen. Ayahuasca en nu psilohuasca krijgen steeds meer populariteit. Ayahuasca is een hippe psychedelica die […]