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Psychedelische therapie tegen psychische klachten

Open psychedelic ceremonies

Psiloflora: Open psychedelic ceremonies The locations and ceremonies The open psychedelic ceremonies are open for everybody to join. We offer different ceremonies at different locations. Do you need more information about our locations or ceremonies? Ceremonies:Psilocybin | Psiloflora | Extended Psiloflora Locations:Circle of Power | Psychedelic Loft Private psychedelic ceremonies In case you don’t want…
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How much psilocybin do we give during a psilocybin ceremony?

Psiloflora: How much psilocybin do we give during a psilocybin ceremony? A high or low dose? Everybody is different and you might need a different dose than someone else. In order to achieve the right trip level and effect, we’ll calculate how much psilocybin you need. Tripping and trip levels Tripping means traveling as a…
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Reviews and Testimonials

Psiloflora: Reviews and Testimonials Psychedelic ceremony reviews Customer reviews and testimonials are the best way to show others how bad or good a service really is. We love every testimonial because we can learn more about ourselves and improve our services even to a higher standard. Please feel free and read what others say about…
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Your location

Psiloflora: Your location Tripsitter service and psychedelic ceremonies on site In coöperation with we can also come by at your location for individual or small group ceremonies. We can set up and supervise individual and group ceremonies on site. So you can use your own home, a friend’s home, an Airbnb home, or even…
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Extended psiloflora ceremony

Psiloflora: Extended psiloflora ceremony The Extended psiloflora ceremony The king of all psilocybin ceremonies! The extended psiloflora ceremony is more than just a psychedelic ceremony. It offers multiple healing flowers and plants that works well together with psilocybin mushrooms or magic truffles. What’s psiloflora? Psiloflora is a combination of the words psilocybin or psilocin with…
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Psychedelische therapie Nederland

Psychedelische therapie Nederland Psychedelische therapie Nederland gaat over onze dienstverlening in Nederland. Wij bieden diensten aan in de vorm van psychedelische therapie. Psychedelische therapie is op basis van een tripmiddel zoals psilocybine, MDMA, LSD of ayahuasca (DMT). Tijdens de triptherapie zijn we beter in staat om psychische klachten te behandelen omdat het onderbewustzijn vrij spel…
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