Triptherapie: DHA en EPA verhogen voor een truffel ceremonie

DHA and EPA increase for a truffle ceremony

The fatty acids DHA and EPA are more often in the news when it comes to physical and mental health. Much of the inflammation and depression can be reduced by taking these two omega 3 fatty acids. This can be done by eating fish or taking supplements.

The combination of DHA and EPA ensures that serotonin and the active ingredient from mushrooms and truffles, psilocin, can attach better to the 5HT2a receptor.

Getting DHA and EPA not only ensures a healthier body and mind, but also a deeper psychedelic trip.


More than just a truffle ceremony

Most customers who request a truffle ceremony would like to work on their mental health. A truffle ceremony lends itself perfectly to that, but we go beyond that. After registration, you will also receive nutrition and exercise advice, possibly in combination with supplements, on the basis of the data you have filled in. We do this because the result of a truffle ceremony will be so much better. Together we go for the full profit!

Truffle ceremony with extras

To enrich the truffle ceremony, these extras are used during the truffle ceremony.

  1. Aromatherapy
  2. Color Therapy
  3. Musical support
  4. Hypnotherapy
  5. NLP

Read here why these extras provide a deepening of the psychedelic trip.

What you can expect psychedelic therapy

The stories of our customers often tell a better story than what we can write ourselves. The reviews give an idea of what our customers are going through and what they have learned from a truffle ceremony that was all about health.

Read all reviews here to better understand our services.



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Triptherapie tegen depressie, angst, stress, burn-out en PTSS: DHA en EPA verhogen voor een truffel ceremonie

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Andere namen voor psychedelische therapie: Ayahuasca, MDMA therapie, Truffel ceremonie, paddo ceremonie, psilocybine ceremonie.