What’s a magic truffle session?

A magic truffle session is a ceremony with psilocybin truffles (scelerotia of magic mushrooms) and the psilocybin causes a change of consciousness after ingestion. A truffle session therefore often has a therapeutic or spiritual goal in which a trip sitter/coach/guide thinks along with you to achieve the goal while also providing safety. Other names for a truffle session are for example mushroom session or psilocybin session. This because of the same effect.

When is it better not to do a magic truffle session?

There are a number of contraindications when it comes to the use of psychedelics. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not advised to take psychedelics. Psychological disorders such as borderline, schizophrenia and psychoses are very strong contraindications. It is also better not to use psychedelics for heart, vascular and/or blood pressure problems. Medication such as Tramadol! antidepressants, antipsychotics and blood pressure medication cannot be combined with psychedelics.

For who is a magic truffle session suitable?

If there are no contraindications, a truffle session can help tremendously to gain valuable insights. Many of these insights are used for therapeutic purposes such as trauma management, depression control, addiction problems and stress-related complaints (which can also manifest physically). Spirituality and personal growth are more and more often used as the theme for a truffle session. There is also a small group of people who just want to experience the experience in a safe situation with an experienced facilitator.

Truffle therapy or truffle experience?

Would you like to experience a truffle session with therapy as the theme? In this case the preparation is important and we will give you tips during 2 weeks before your truffle session to get the most out of your session. Based on your intake + neurotransmitter test we will advise you which supplements, nutrition, exercise and homework (books, movies, assignments etc.) you can use / do / watch so that you can start the trip better and increase the effectiveness of the session. We call this approach trip therapy.

Read more about trip therapy here

Start the intake + neurotransmitter test

However, do you want to use the truffle session as an experience or as a spiritual tool? Then make use of our truffle ceremony without trip therapy. This is as it were a tripsitter service including psychedelics, aromatherapy and music.

More about the service tripsitter

More about a truffle ceremony

Where can I do a truffle session?

We have a beautiful location in Schiedam that is specially equipped for truffle session. However, we can also work at your location as long as the address is in the Netherlands. This way we can set up and supervise individual and group ceremonies on the spot. So you can use your own home, a friend’s home, a vacation home, an Airbnb home or even a hotel room.

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The room in Schiedam is called the Psychedelic Loft and is suitable for 1-6 persons although it is very large for only 1 person.

Read more about the Psychedelic Lofthere


Individual, group or open group?

Most of our customers choose to have an individual truffle session. This is the best choice, especially for therapeutic purposes. Besides these individual sessions you can also create a group to do a truffle session together. We use at least 1 counselor per 4 participants and at higher doses this is 1 in 3. We also have a monthly open ceremony where you can make the journey to the subconscious with a maximum of 5 strangers. The next open session is:

September 19 – Truffle + blue lotus ceremony – Psychedelic Loft Schiedam – Let go

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