I had my first psychedelic experience with Marcel and I am very happy with his service and with the trip itself.

I wanted to try psychedelics for a long time, because I spend about ten years with depression and even though I have been much better for about three years now, there were still some deeper issues lingering. I wanted to be professionally guided, so I decided to travel to the Netherlands, where psychedelics are legal and someone could call an ambulance, in case something was wrong.

Marcel answered all my questions before booking and up to the day of the trip, which assured me, that I was in good hands. He also gave recommendations for supplements with detailed information on how they might help.

On the day of the trip, we had a little chat first. Marcel has a calming aura, and he was easy to talk to. He explained what would happen, but he always left room for me to have my own experience.

The tea tasted better than I thought. Marcel created a good atmosphere with music and aromatherapy. I had a medium dose, which gave me several stages of experience with different things to learn from.

During the trip I felt very save with Marcel. My hotel room was close to the entrance and hearing people walking by would scare me a little bit. But I just asked Marcel to lock the door and when he did, I could sink into the “deep phase”. During this phase I couldn’t really do anything, not even turn to the side, because every thought dissolved as soon as I thought it. I thought this was hilarious! Even though I didn’t have any control, I loved it!

At some point I scraped all my will together and told Marcel: “Play the Beatles! Tomorrow Never Knows!” And he did. From this point on it was just a party in my head. Marcel played all the songs I asked him to, and they were SO GOOD! At one point I saw rainbow-dinosaurs rocking out to The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil.

Marcel left me when I was sober enough, but he checked up on me via E-Mail and made sure that I know, that I can still ask him if I have questions.

The afterglow of the tea is very nice, too. Next day, on the train back home, I was so fascinated with some stranger mans’ hairy hands! I dance a lot at home now and picked up my guitar again. I also gained a few insights that are not just happy, but this drug pushed me so far away from the grey veil of depression, that I can just relax about it.

Thank you, Marcel, for this beautiful experience. You were an important part of it!

I have already created a playlist for next time 😉

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