Psiloflora: New psilocybin mushroom ceremonies

Psilocybin mushroom ceremony

Here in the Netherlands we’re using the parts of the psilocybin mushrooms that grow in the ground. This is because our silly law here. The magic truffles are like the potatoes and grow in the soil but they are legal and magic mushrooms aren’t. Magic mushrooms and magic truffles both contain psilocybin en psilocin so it’s a legal workaround.

Psilocybin truffle ceremony on different dates

The following truffle ceremonies all have a price of 300 euro and all dosages are possible. Based on the intake and what you see fit we can choose a dosage that suits you. All following truffle ceremonies take place in the Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam and include personal tips for preparation, possible overnight stay, after the ceremony. food and drinks. The start time of a ceremony is at 15:00 and lasts until approximately 23:00.

30 April 2022 – Connectedness – psilocybin truffle ceremony

28 May 2022 – Connectedness – psilocybin truffle ceremony

25 June 2022 – Reset – psilocybin truffle ceremony

30 July 2022 – Reset – psilocybin truffle ceremony

Book an open truffle ceremony

It is already possible to make a reservation. If the online intake has not been filled in yet, you can do so via the link below. Please indicate at the field: ‘Indicate here what else could be important’ that it is for an open truffle ceremony. Is the intake already filled in or do you have other questions? Then please contact us.

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