Triptherapie: Healing and renewing experience

A friend told me about her trip with psilocybin and I saw that in a few days she seemed in a much better place than she had been lately. Being myself in a difficult situation, and dealing constantly with anxiety and depression, I ended up researching more on the topic and was impressed to read about the actual results with psilocybin in the treatment of depression and anxiety so I decided to give it a go. I am so grateful I did, because my outlook on life and my general feeling improved so much through it. The anxiety I always felt, like a pressure in  my chest and that sort of ‘fight or flight’ mode I was constantly in are gone and I can say I wake up feeling good every day. Of course it hasn’t made my problems disappear, but honestly, the abysmal decrease of my anxiety and deep sadness have made those problems much smaller than they felt, and I feel confident I will be much better, no matter what happens next. Marcel was really great, making sure I felt comfortable and helping in asking certain questions and trying to guide me through it when I wasn’t focused enough, as well as leaving me with good questions to ask myself each day. I’d really recommend this to anyone who’s thinking about it, as it has made a huge difference for me. If I had to resume the experience into one word, it would be ‘healing’, as I really felt like this healed me from the inside out, and it was also so magical and beautiful. So really, thank you, Marcel. 

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Triptherapie tegen depressie, angst, stress, burn-out en PTSS: Healing and renewing experience

Lees hier meer over onze psychedelische therapie in combinatie met een behandeling tegen depressie, burn-out, stress, angst, laag zelfbeeld, sociale angst, PTSS, onzekerheid en chronische ontstekingsziekten.


Andere namen voor psychedelische therapie: Ayahuasca, MDMA therapie, Truffel ceremonie, paddo ceremonie, psilocybine ceremonie.